All 16 clubs stand a chance to play in the 2022 Carling Black Label Cup

Following the announcement of the Carling Knockout Cup, which is set to take place in 2023, Carling Black Label approached the Premier Soccer League (PSL) to discuss if it was possible to stage a tournament in 2022 as there was no Knockout Cup this year.

As a dedicated sponsor of the Premier Soccer League, the PSL agreed to consider a proposal from Carling Black Label for a tournament to take place in 2022.

We are proud to announce a 2022 Carling Cup, that is set to re-ignite fans and football rivalries like never before.

As the Carling Knockout Cup (scheduled for 2023) will involve all 16 PSL clubs, this year’s Carling Cup format follows suit and will include all the top-flight football clubs as fans will vote for which four teams they would like to participate in this year’s Cup.

As with previous encounters, Champions fans will have unprecedented power and influence over the beautiful game, as they will be selecting their preferred starting XI and Captain for each of the four teams.

“After the announcement of the 2023 Carling Knockout Cup, our long-time partners, SAB, were eager to come back as a Cup Sponsor, but unfortunately the constraints imposed by the World Cup calendar did not allow this in 2022. They proposed an innovative appetizer for the 2023 Knockout Cup, the 2022 Carling Cup, to take place as a one-day affair on 12 November.

This was welcomed by the Executive Committee, especially for the partner that has been so good at marketing and positioning football in the country and would be great for spectators to have a window-view of what would happen in the 2023 Knockout Cup season.” says Premier Soccer League Chairman Dr. Irvin Khoza

“At Carling Black Label, we have always made our intentions to progress the game and most importantly to empower the Champion voices. Each year, we prioritized amplifying the fan experience of the beautiful game.

The 2022 edition will undoubtedly be the best as all 16 top-flight teams may be selected to participate. This is somewhat of a precursor for the Carling Knockout Cup taking place next year.” said Carling Black Label Brand Director, Arne Rust.

The top 4 teams with the most fan votes will be drawn against one another, where it will be determined which teams will battle it out before the penultimate final where the two winners will face off.

“What we are most excited for is having the 12th player back in the stadium for the Carling Black Label Cup. We are looking forward to seeing a more diverse crowd of fans support their teams and engage with this one-of-a-kind football extravaganza.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our partners at the Premier Soccer League (PSL) for working with us to ensure that we respond to the calls that we have been receiving from the fans over the past decade of the Carling Black Label Cup.” added Rust.

Carling Black Label will empower the voice of the Champion Fan like never before and open the Carling Cup to all 16 Clubs and their Champion Fans. Fans now have an opportunity to select the teams which they would like to see play in their favourite Cup game

In September, make sure to look out for comms from Carling Black Label on how to vote your club into the coveted top 4 spots.