Second bite at the cake

Call it a blessing in disguise or a second chance, Black Leopards will have another chance to rectify and bring the competition to Kaizer Chiefs on Wednesday night 19 September 2012.

The heavy rain forced the match at Soccer City Stadium to be postponed as conditions turned unplayable during the match. We were trailing behind but still had our heads up as it was not over. We have a word with Abel Makhubela Assistant Coach of the team who shares his views about the match itself. Welcome once again Abel.

Abel Makhubela: Thank you for having me.

BLFC: Your thoughts on the game?

Abel: Well it was obvious that we were caught off-guard from the beginning of the match as we conceded a goal from a free-kick early. I think we did well and tried to settle down but there was already damage done and with us trying to get back in the game we made a few mistakes which resulted in a second goal. The match was not over and there was a lot of time to recover but the rain brought it to a halt.

BLFC: Preparations for the match on Wednesday?

Abel: We will make sure to prepare a different and better side as we will have some time to adapt to the environment with the few days before Wednesday. Overall I think we should be prepared by match day.

BLFC: What would you say went wrong in the match?

Abel: Well football happened because we just conceded through a well taken free-kick and the second was a minor mistake at the back as we did not clear in time. So we just need to focus more and make sure that we play our football