Bamuza: Why he quit rugby for football

As the son of one arguably one of the most gifted footballers to emerge from the Southern African region, Bamuza Sono, the long-serving Jomo Cosmos midfielder, has had to deal with expectations on his shoulders.

As Jomo Cosmos try to find their place back in the elite league, the Cosmos midfielder has revealed that has no intentions of leaving the Ezenkosi camp anytime soon.

Sono has been with Cosmos for many seasons now. It is here where he started his professional career. In an exclusive interview with, he opened up about his early life and why he opted for football over rugby.

Comparing a father and a son is never a fair thing. Jomo was a football genius who perform magic with a soccer ball and an extrovert. The son is more reserved, keeps to himself and, to be fair, does not possess his father’s football genius. To put it simple: Bamuza is a good player, Jomo was great.

Bamuza’s football roots though can be traced back to Balfour Park junior before moving to Wits University. Soon after, he made the detour to join Ezenkosi. He remembers a time when he teamed up with Austrian, SC Lustenau in the early 2000’s but due to foreign player policy, never played a competitive match.

“That was a long time ago and it was upsetting, but I have moved on from that a long time ago. It was a good experience and I will remember Austria fondly, but not for the football,” he said.

“My football life or career started here and this is where it will end. My mom took me to Balfour as a kid and I did not have much say, I just wanted to play. It was always my goal to play for Cosmos and to be a professional player and here I am for nearly 14 years,” Sono said.

The Cosmos midfield had flirted with the idea of playing rugby while he was at high schoo where he played on the wing, in midfield and starred at fly half for St David’s Maritz.

“I did not want to play rugby but it was compulsory and in a way, I of enjoyed it. I started on the wing then moved to outside centre, inside centre and ended up at fly half. A teacher there said I had the qualities to make it in that position but I was not interested.”

“I like the sport but soccer was and will always be my love. I had no doubts that I wanted to just play football.”

He signed for Ezenkosi when he was just 16 and still at school, but this little fame did not go to his head. After all, he grew up under the watchful eye of Jomo Sono, one of South Africa’s most celebrated players and father of Bamuza.

“It was going to happen, although it was still a surprise. I worked hard as a youngster and had to show my character, my style. It was not easy and still is not. I’m used to working hard as I don’t want to hear that my father does me favours. In fact it’s just the opposite, I’ve been told a few times to collect my clearance,” he chuckled.

“Jomo wants the best from his players, for the club, so I too want to give my best. Like I said, I never shied away from hard work and always did more than I should. I don’t want to hear that I am in the team because of Jomo, I want to be in the team because I deserve it.”

Does he ever argue with his father?

“We are still like any other family. If there’s a disagreement at training it does not blow over at home. Like any family we have our good and bad times, we’re not different I think. It’s part of the game and its part of family life to take the good with the bad.”

Cosmos face Bidvest Wits this Sunday in the Telkom Knockout Cup quarterfinals.