Seshego festival day 2 coaches quotes


We happy with 3 points you know, we expected a very difficult game against a very good team. I think we managed the game very well and we created a lot of chances, we took our opportunities and they didn’t take theirs so we happy with our 3 points to try to keep us on the top. Remember we swimming in deep sea water so we are happy now to start to break.

Keletso is part of the 1st team, we have missed him for this part of the season, in the beginning he was injured then he came back and we saw the tackle at Tsakane so he’s out again maybe for two weeks but yes we are happy and this is an inspiration to the boys that if they work hard if tactical they improve and show their talent we will reward them so we working very well closely to that.

The objective for the season was initially to manage our situation, it was not to go to defend the cup at all cost otherwise we would have never split the team, remember we had lot of players going on loan to National First Division (NFD).


I think I can’t complain much. We were playing against the best team, a very balanced team like Sundowns with experienced players so I think they have that knowledge of MultiChoice and their team was balanced but I was very impressed with how my boys played. They were playing like they have experience but you can see most of them are still young and they are still learning so but I’m very impressed with their performance

I think the games are not the same even If we prepare for the opponent I think sometimes we can prepare and preparations doesn’t go our way. They were attacking, we created chances but they scored the 1st goal, the second goal they scored from a foul.

I think missing Tebogo it shows that we need him so for him not being in the game give us tough time to convert those chances but the boy who was playing striker today was very good especially when it was his first game and also first time meeting my boys. He trained with the 1st team and he came and join me for this game and somewhere somehow he tried his best.

POLOKWANE City Coach: Machete Moloto

We played badly today, it was not our day we didn’t play according to instruction and according to the plan especially when we looked at some clips of kaizer chiefs. We know how they play, we knew they were going to tackle hard and get goals.

I think we had two players who were not fit enough and they started training on Wednesday because of a minor flu but we cannot blame the sickness, players know they should take care of their bodies. They were also players who went to Europe, who missed two training session but they give their best, it’s all about the mind-set and the leadership. I think from this game we have learned to be more technical. We will have a meeting on Monday to see how can we improve because we got a target to collect 18 points and now that this 18 points was going to give us maybe No 2 on the log or fight for position one but I think all is not lost we just have to focus on the top 8.

KAIZER CHIEFS Coach: Arthur Zwane

I think we started off well we dominated in terms of position and I think 15 min we managed to get a goal and created a number of chances, which we did not take them and we allowed them to get back into the game they nearly scored two goals, had they scored one it would have been a different story.

My mandate is to prepare players for the 1st team and make sure that when those players are called up to the national team they are ready to compete and as you can see we had a lot of talent on the field, some of them already have started in the 1st team and are playing regularly and it shows that what we are doing is working because the most important thing is to make sure they understand the system properly so that when they get to the 1st team they just gel and they don’t struggle. Credit obviously goes to the development coaches who contributed to the development of this young stars.

It’s not easy at kaizer Chief, every time we have to dig deep even if it looks easy to other people but with us there’s lot of hard work, lot of effort and we have an amazing support base. We trying by all means to make our supporters, Chairman and stakeholders happy. Everyone one wants to see the team doing well.