Tsakane Festival Day 1: Coaches and Players Quotes

Duncan Crowie - Ajax Cape Town FC. Coach

Today’s game was a game of cliché as far as the game of football is concerned, it was a game of two half’s according to the first half. I think we should’ve used our goal scoring opportunities in the first half but second half was completely different we couldn’t create enough space for our self to play the ball.

Polokwane City had many chances and yet we had atleast 2 or 3 chances, but the weather played an important part, it was terribly hot out there and I compliment my players for showing determination wanting to win this game.

We are now back in the league and the competition just started and next week we are playing Kaizer Chiefs and we are playing on a regular basis which is a good thing.

I think as a coach you must give players the freedom to play within the structure and they did very well in those key position but overall I’m happy with the performance.

Shane Saraline (Ajax Cape Town) – Match 1: Man of the match

We worked very hard the entire week and we knew that we were going to play a hard game against Polokwane City, but we just had to enjoy and we came here just for the point.

We prepared mentally and the coached advised us that Polokwane city wasn’t the same team we played previously. We are working hard for the next game but we will see how it goes when we meet out opponents next week. The coach didn’t put any pressure on us and I think it’s the only reason why we did well.

Machete Moloto -Polokwane City Coach

I think the game was on and off on both sides because you could see Ajax was coming good then suddenly dropped and we pushed forward and also dropped. I also think it’s also the mood of the festive season, the match fitness and the concentration. It’s a lot of things that affected the performance of the game especially on our side we missed a few players.

I think moving forward we must take one game at a time. Do the preparation we normally do, taking it easy, reading the opponent like we used to and go inside the field of play to do our best and produce results.

Dithloriso Mphyane - Polokwane City Player

I played really well according to me, there is nothing that I would have changed expect for going back, practicing harder and scoring more goals

My initial goal target was 15 goals but in hindsight it’s changed to 12 or 13, because close to finishing the season. Remember I didn’t play most games in the beginning it would have been more than 6 goals. But I will push.

Orlando Pirates- Head Coach- Rayaan Jacobs

I’d like to be positive about today’s game but in all honesty I’m not. If I go home and shower maybe I’ll be a whole lot positive about the football we played. There was one team that played and one team that just literally sat back. That’s how it goes I guess, that’s football, and we’re Orlando Pirates so we expect teams to play against us like that. We had four or five chances that we didn’t use so I’m just a little bit disappointed by that.

We need to be a whole lot efficient in the last third, we need to create more and better chances, that’s about it, and I don’t think there’s a lot we need to focus on. We moved the ball so well especially in the first half, they were chasing shadows half the time, which was disappointing really.

We’d love to be part of the top 5 or 2 by the end of the season, we don’t really know the other results but however we came here expecting to pick up three points and not one. But we’ve got to keep up collecting you know, three points, three points and three points and more three points so we can get to top 2 or 5, but we need to take each game at a time.

Freddie Hlalele (Orlando Pirates) - Man of the Match

The first two halves of the game were very difficult for both teams, but we managed to come out with one point in this game but naturally very disappointed. Coming here are mission was to collect a maximum of 3 points but unfortunately we didn’t, so we have to be content with one, we’ll take it home

My objective as a striker is to score as many goals as I can, and to be a top leading scorer this season, that’s my ambition. My target was 15 goals but I’m currently on four. I’m feeling behind but it is okay, its football.

Dylan Deane – Cape Town City Coach

Today we changed our style, played position football but we also tried to play under the condition and also looked the team. It wasn’t the team I normally have but second half we played a little bit better although we made some errors at the back but we could’ve been better. We have a lot of 16 and 18 year olds who played under tough conditions but its part of football and also entering into the development phase they have to understand going forward.

Im very happy with the point today but we are looking forward to next week’s match against Maritzburg and probably we will continue with the same structure and work on what to do when we have the ball and how to find space when playing and is definitely something I will work on.

My job is to ensure that I put players to the first team and we have put 3 players this year alone and the players are closely getting to the PSL. There is also a lot to improve so that players learn quicker.

Zander Booysen – Cape Town City Player

Today’s match was great, we came in prepared. We used to playing in the heat so we managed to adapt. We just going to keep the same strategy and continue with what we are doing. Not everyone will understand whatever the coach says but it’s up to us to make sure play our best.