Weekend in colourful quotes

Muhsin Ertugral, Golden Arrows coach

“We keep blaming the defence, but up front we are missing 100 per cent clear chances. When you have these types of games, you need to use your chances and I’m not happy with 5-0.

“Now they start to play this ‘nyaga-nyaga’ and that makes me sick. I’m not happy. We should have won this game 10-0, it’s as simple as that.

Jomo Sono, Jomo Cosmos coach

“The fact that I rested eight players and brought in eight new players who haven’t played this season and we still won is a major morale booster for us as a team.”

“I had a plan for this game and I am very happy to have advanced through to the next round of this competition, but credit must go to the guys for their brave work and dedication.”

Vladimir Vermezevic, Kaizer Chiefs coach

"They (CT All Stars) did not come here to park the bus. They tried to play football, but we were better on the day."

"We could have scored more goals, but at the end of the day I'm satisfied with the way the boys played."

Desmond Crowie, Cape Town All Stars coach

"To go away from this game with this scoreline I can say that I'm more than satisfied. "

"This experience has been tremendous for my boys, we can only grow and get better from playing Kaizer Chiefs."

Johan Neeskens, Mamelodi Sundowns coach

“I’m not sure why people wanted us not t score more goals. I read that people are always complaining that we are not seeing many goals being scored. Today, we scored goals. We now believe that we can score against opponents, that’s what is important.”

“We showed them respect. “Had we started passing the ball around doing some dribbling, that would be disrespect. We had to make sure that we are serious, that we take the game serious and we take our opponents serious.”

Mark Harrison, African Warriors coach

“I feel sick really, because we really deserved to win this game and to lose it in injury time is really shocking.”

“We made two crucial mistakes and we couldn’t afford to make mistakes like those against a Premiership team, but that’s water under the bridge all we must do know is concentrate on getting a position in the play-offs.”

Johnny Ferriera, Batau FC coach

“I am very proud of my boys, they showed character and fought hard till the end, it is a pity we lost it on penalties.”

“We still a very young and inexperienced team and it was going to be a mission to play the full 120 minutes and take penalties as my boys ran out of steam, but I am still proud of them.”

Gavin Hunt “We just made it through hey-I would say we are lucky, but what matters is that we are through.”

“One thing I’m sure about is that Batau FC gave us a good game and I am confident that they will win their league and get promotion to the First division.